Friday, January 27, 2012

finished projects

Through the recent series of postings "7 days - 7 unfinished projects"  Kim inspired many of us to dig through our bins and finish up some of the projects that had been set aside and forgotten about.  I was no exception.  Although I wasn't able keep up the pace of one per day, it was still very satisfying  to get them out of my bin and into the hands of those they were intended for.  I had things in my bin that had been neglected for up to 2 years, but when it came down to finishing it off it only needed a few minutes of attention!  Why hadn't I done it years ago?!?

For example, these barefoot sandals, only needed the ties on one to be redone into a longer length.  Finished it off in about 10 minutes and they are now in the hands of my sweet, sixteen year old friend who I had promised them to when I was finished.

These fingerless mitts just needed a thumb made and attached. My little guy put dibbs on these fingerless mitts long ago.  Thankfully they still fit!!

And finally, a project for me!  It was sitting half done in my project bag, just waiting for me to wind the second skein so that I could carry on.  This is the Extreme Pom-Pom Scarf minus the pom-poms, obviously, and a fringe in its place.  It seemed a little more me.  I fell in love with this chunky hand-dyed alpaca, shetland wool blend at my LYS and this scarf was the perfect project for it.  Love it!!

I have a few more projects that I have finished off as well but I will save those for another day.  What have you been working on??



  1. I can't seem to finish all of my projects no matter how inspired the two of you get! I did, however, finish the pretty triangle scarf, the boyfriend cowl, the never-ending scarf and infinity scarf (and then gave them all away at Christmas). They turned out GREAT and everyone loved them. Thanks, ladies!!

    1. What? Four projects done? That is amazing!! I'm sure all those that received your projects were thrilled! Don't forget to make yourself something pretty as a reward! Keep up the good work!