Thursday, November 20, 2014

new pattern - jute wine bottle sleeve by tara schreyer.
Jute Wine Bottle Sleeve by Tara Schreyer

Jute Wine Bottle Sleeve by Tara Schreyer

Jute Wine Bottle Sleeve by Tara Schreyer


What's one thing that everyone loves to give (and receive) as a hostess gift? Wine, of course! Make your gift special by hand-making a beautifully natural and elegant sleeve that can be embellished as desired for the occasion. Simple is beautiful!!

The finished sleeve measures 11" (28 cm) in circumference and 7.5" (19 cm) in height and will fit most regularly shaped wine bottles.

The pattern calls for approximately 164 feet of 2.00 mm jute twine. Jute twine can be purchased at your local dollar store (as I did) but you can also find it in the jewelry making section of your craft store. I've even seen it in some pretty amazing colors so you can have a lot of fun with this project!

Please note: There are no instructions or suggestions provided in the written pattern for possible embellishments. The pictures shown are supplied to serve as inspiration but the possibilities are endless!!!

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