Saturday, June 9, 2012

finished project - lacy pinafore by lucille laflamme.

Yay...I finished the Lacy Pinafore for my dear friends first Grand-baby! If you read my previous post called "the round that wouldn't end" then you know that I found this project to be a tad challenging! I used a pretty vintage cotton that I'm guessing was a size 20 so the stitches were super tiny. When I was finished I hand washed the dress and then I carefully ironed it while it was still wet. My mom suggested this blocking technique, and for this particular project it worked extremely well.


This project completely changed my attitude towards my other crochet projects for the better. Spending hours on one row only to tear it out and restart makes the pair of slippers that I'm working on, using a worsted weight yarn, seem like a cakewalk :)



  1. Wow! This is beautiful, that's one lucky little girl!

    1. Thank-you!! When my friend first asked me to make the dress she didn't know what the baby was going to be, but she just found out that it is going to be a girl so she is pretty excited!