Tuesday, April 14, 2015

in search of inspiration and the kamloops quilt show.

Inspiration can come from many places, and when I'm in a crochet slump rarely do I turn to crochet for inspiration. Instead I head in a different direction and explore other creative avenues. For example this weekend Heathers Fabric Shelf of Kamloops B.C. hosted the 6th Annual Quilt Show and I knew that this would be the perfect place to visit for a creative pick me up. Upon entering the quilt display I was immediately greeted by these 2 friendly faces, Dave and Carolyn of 2GoodClaymates. You may remember that we recently teamed up with them for our "random friday freebie - crochet hook giveaway".

 They had a beautiful table set up displaying their many wares handcrafted from polymer clay.
Of course it was exciting to see their crochet hooks...

...and their large selection of creative buttons.
I am especially fond of their new "yarn ball button".
And doesn't Dave and Carolyn's display of interchangeable jewelry remind you of crochet motifs?
It makes me think about how pretty it would be to dress up a crochet project with a random scattering of colourful flowers.

Also, Dave and Carolyn carry a large selection of scarf jewelry...
...which would make a gorgeous addition to your favorite crochet scarf!


And I won't lie, it was super encouraging to see them using a picture of my crochet pattern for the "Weekend Cowl" to promote their buttons!

At the very next table was Donna of Donna's Yarn & Craft, one of our very own local yarn stores.

 In addition to yarn Donna also carries a large collection of handcrafted shawl pins, buttons and beads. Donna and her mom ,Elsie, are always quick to answer your questions and the best part is....they are crochet friendly!

Then of course there was the large array of quilts...
I always find autumn inspiring so this next design, creatively embellished with leaf motifs, was a personal favorite!
Although the following quilt isn't actually a true harlequin, I've recently become obsessed with the harlequin diamond pattern, and I've been trying to come up with a way to incorporate it into a crochet design.
I am also obsessed with postage stamp art. I have no idea how to incorporate that into crochet, but railroad tracks is an interesting design element.
I love the little chevron border on this piece.
And lastly, lots of crochet motif and paisley inspiration.
I am happy to say that I found the inspiration that I needed not only in the colour and designs of the quilts, but also in the friendly faces and conversations that I had with the local artisans. The entire event was very encouraging, and renewed my enthusiasm for my own craft.