Wednesday, December 7, 2016

tutorial - chunky crochet sofa pillow cover by tara schreyer

Chunky knits are everywhere and we can see why. It is gorgeous and brings a cozy feel to any room. I wanted to try my hand at it and this was my creation. Want to make your own?

- 4 Balls of Loops & Threads™ Ginormous (100 yds/92m;15.8 oz/450 g)
- 25 mm (Size 50) crochet hook
- 120" (10') of 1.25" ribbon
- body pillow (measuring approx. 45" x 16")

Finished Size
Approximately 45" (114.3 cm) x 16" (43.2 cm). It has lots of stretch in these stitches.

8 slip stitches x 8 rows = 6" square

Instructions for the Chunky Crochet Sofa Pillow Cover

Pillow Front/Back (make 2)

Chain 21.

Row 1: Working in back humps of chains, slip stitch in 2nd chain from hook and in each chain to end, turn - 20 sts. (Mark the first and last stitches of row with a stitch marker as it is easy to miss these stitches. Continue to move markers with each row.)
Row 2: (Mark as right side) Chain 1, working in the front loops only, 1 slip stitch in each stitch to end, turn - 20 sts
Row 3: Chain 1, working in the back loops only, 1 slip stitch in each stitch to end, turn - 20 sts
Rows 4 - 67: Repeat Rows 2 & 3 thirty-two more times
Row 68: Slip stitch in back loops only in each slip stitch to end - 20 sts
Fasten off, leaving a very long strand for stitching up the length of the pillow.

Lining up the first and last rows, place wrong sides together and slip stitch the two panels together along the long edges. Leave the short edges open. 

Stuff the pillow into the pillow cover.

Cut four 1.25" ribbon into 30" (2.5') lengths. On the side of the pillow, weave two of the ribbons through a few loops on the inside of the pillow at the 7th stitch from each side.

 Tie into a bow or knot and trim the ends to the desired length. Repeat on other side.

Don't forget to share your finished projects on Ravelry. Can't wait to see everyone's projects!!