Wednesday, August 31, 2016

caron cakes yarn review...

Caron took the fiber world by storm with the introduction of "Caron Cakes", their new and delicious gradient yarn. Prior to the release of this new yarn, at Michaels stores across North America, gradient cakes were something that you only saw in high end yarn stores. As soon as pictures of the new Caron Cakes started to grace the web, I was instantly intrigued and I wondered how this box store gradient yarn would measure up.

In a nut shell...I loved it! It was a fun and affordable way to try something new and exciting. Caron Cakes yarn is 20% wool, so it had no where near the plastic feel of many acrylics, plus the colourways are amazing. Soft and squishy, the Caron Cakes also boast a generous yardage of 350 meters (383 yards), which is more than enough to complete your basic crochet project. The Mostly Harmless pictured was completed with just one cake of Cookies and Cream.

Mostly Harmless Shawl by Kaylie Dawn

The only really negative thing that I had to say about Caron Cakes would be about the abrupt colour changes. It would have been nice to see a more gradual colour change, but at this price point I don't think that it's really worth complaining about. Besides, if you find the colour change bothersome, the yardage is generous enough to fasten off at the end of a row/round and then start the next round with the new colour.

(September 1, 2016 - I forgot to mention that this is an independent post and that we are
not sponsored by Caron Yarns.)



  1. What size hook did you use? I really like the drape of your finished product. I agree about the rather abrupt colour changes Of Cakes, but I do like their colour combos! Thanks!

    1. I used a 5.00 mm (H), but I'm a fairly loose crocheter. Thanks for your comment ♥