Monday, January 16, 2012

day four of 7 days - 7 unfinished projects.

This is day four in a seven day series...

Some time ago in "current projects" I posted about this gorgeous, artsy, handpainted wool from "Hand Painted Knitting Yarns". I had planned on trying my hand at free form crochet but part way into the project I realized that it was not going to work. Either that or free form is just not my calling.

This yarn was a giant collection of 12 mini skeins ranging from fine merino to boucle and glitters and all handpainted in the same gorgeous colours. I was planning on making motifs and joining them together to form a shawl, but as I was working on my third motif I realized that some of the motifs would work up rigid and stiff while others would work up soft and floppy. I didn't want the different weights and textures of yarn pulling the shawl into some weird mishap so I ditched the project.

My daughter came up with the idea of a vertical striped scarf. As soon as she said it I started thinking of all sorts of different designs when I remembered that I already had a scarf pattern that would work great.

Easy Striped Scarf - Crochet Pattern

The Easy Striped Scarf was the perfect match for the yarn. I added some random beads tied at different heights and in the end I even liked this finished project better than the original. If you are interested in purchasing the pattern for the Easy Striped Scarf you can purchase it here.

What does this have to do with "7 day - 7 unfinished projects"? Well, when I had finished the first scarf I realized that I had enough yarn to make a second scarf. It was the second scarf that took me some time to complete. For at least a month it alternated between decorating the top of my coffee table and the top of my TV stand. I had originally planned on adding a few more rows, but in order to get the project done I finished off where it was, I blocked it, and I trimmed the fringe. Excluding the drying time and the beads the finishing off part only took me about half an hour.

Now, not only did I finish up another project, but I also finished up the blog post that I had originally promised...yay!


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