Friday, January 13, 2012

day one of 7 days - 7 unfinished projects.

This is day one in a seven day series. My goal is to complete 7 unfinished crochet a day for 7 days.

I made this bag using the Scallops and Ruffles Felted Purse pattern (which you can find under free patterns in our blog). I had a vision of autumn coloured leaves blowing across the front of the bag, but I just couldn't get the leaves to look right so, frustrated, I removed the demented leaves and the needled felted swirls that were suppose to represented the wind and I tossed the bag into a basket. This is where the bag has remained neglected and unloved for well over a year.

I gave the bag a good washing to ensure that all remnants of the needle felted swirls were gone and then I reshaped the bag and allowed it to dry. I found these felted flowers for $2.49 a piece at Michaels and I thought that they would be a quick and easy way to embellish the front of the bag. I needle felted some different vine like swirls onto the bag, sewed on the flowers and first of 7 completed projects. I am already feeling lighter!


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