Saturday, January 14, 2012

day two of 7 days - 7 unfinished projects.

This is day two in a seven day series... 

This project wasn't actually on the hooks that long. I found this yummy yarn on sale and I just couldn't wait to make something out of it. The yarn is called "Panguipulli by Araucania" and it is a super soft merino wool that is delightful to work with. Although, I should add that I would have been a little disappointed if I had paid full price for the wool. The 2 skeins that I bought had several joins and imperfections that had to be cut out:( 

All in all, the yarn was still dreamy to work with and "The Boyfriend Cowl" was the project that I started when I should have been working on finishing all of the other projects.



  1. This is truly beautiful... I sincerely think that you should use this picture (or add it to your current) to sell the pattern. I have already purchased this pattern, but there's NO WAY I would have been able to resist if I had seen it made with this yarn! And now I want one!

  2. Great idea!!! I've added the photo to the listing...thanks so much for the suggestion :)