Friday, April 13, 2012

photo gallery.

We are always thrilled to hear from our customers!  We love to see how our crochet designs have inspired them to create something wonderful for themselves or someone that they love. We recently heard from Angela, who shared such beautiful photos of her finished projects that we just had to share the gorgeousness with you.  She used the crochet pattern "Hanging Storage Pouch" and she did two different versions of it. 

The first one is made up of a very thick wool. So thick, in fact, that she mentioned that it could even serve as a freestanding basket if she were to omit the hanging piece.  I love that idea! 

The second one she made up using a finer cotton blend and it is equally as beautiful!!  You can visit Angela's blog for more great photos of these pouches and be sure to check out all the beautiful items that she has in her shop "Simple Things Small Joys". A shop full of eye candy to make your space dreamy!!!


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