Thursday, July 12, 2012

random friday freebie - the lost manuscript.

Okay, so it's a pattern and it was more forgotten than lost but doesn't "the lost manuscript" sound so much better?

We originally published this pattern way back in 2008, but because we are very fussy, and we weren't crazy about how the yarn quickly stretched out of shape we decided to pull the pattern. Tara originally had plans of reworking the pattern in a more stable yarn but life kept getting in the way. Now 4 years later we are offering the "Child's Earflap Hat by Tara Schreyer" as a free download for you to enjoy!

Child's Earflap Hat by Tara Schreyer

The pattern includes instructions for 2 different sizes (Newborn to 12 months and 12 to 24 months) and also two different options for finishing (a buttoned strap or braids) You can choose to use the same yarn (Bernat Bamboo®  Natural Blends) or you can choose a different yarn of similar weight. Although the Bernat Bamboo is incredibly soft, as we said earlier, it tends to stretch out so we would recommend switching up the yarn. Enjoy!

tara and kim.