Monday, November 5, 2012

yarn bowl.

I love yarn bowls and I wanted to share some pictures of a ceramic yarn bowl that I recently picked up at a local craft fair.

Yarn bowls are the perfect way to keep your yarn from rolling around on the floor and gathering dust. Plus they look pretty!

The other wonderful thing about yarn bowls is that there is usually a notch or a hole on the side for you to slide your yarn through, making it less likely for your yarn to accidentally get pulled out.

If you are looking to purchase your own then I would personally suggest going with the notch as opposed to the hole. If you are always on the go the notch will allow you to take your project with you without having to cut your yarn.

The yarn bowl that I chose was created by a local potter and ceramic artist named Sheryl Willson. You can learn more about Sheryl and see some of her other creations by visiting her website at Sorrento Stoneware.
If you are not sure that you want to invest in a yarn bowl at this time then why not try using a teapot.
Here is some links of a few of my other favorites for you to enjoy....


  1. The yarn bowl looks nice. I came across some online and was thinking of making some with my polymer clay but just an idea that I never had time for. Did you get your bowl at the craft-a-fair? Their booth is usually just around the corner from where we are.

    I like the teapot idea! Of course it is a spout rather than a slit but cool!

    Was great seeing you on Sunday.


    1. Hi Carolyn,

      Yes, I found it at the craft-a-fair just around the corner from your booth. There wasn't many yarn bowls there and I was starting to think that I might not find one locally :(

      I never thought of one from polymer clay but I can totally see it, and I know that you would do an amazing job!!! Please let me know if you make some as I would love to see pics!

      Most of what I do is online so I had fun chatting with you in person :D


  2. Thanks for the links! I found some lovely pottery to add to my wish list! =)