Thursday, October 8, 2015

knit city 2015 - a crocheters perspective.

My grandparents lived in a log cabin that they built in rural Northern B.C. Although their home was simple it was a place for both gathering and creating. Not only did my Grandma knit and crochet but she also enjoyed ceramics and macrame, so I was raised to appreciate what each of the different crafts had to offer.

It was only when we started to market our own crochet designs that Tara and I noticed that crochet was considered to be a lesser craft in the world of fiber. Many look down on crochet, so it was with much trepidation that I entered the doors of "Knit" City 2015.

So, how did it go? Well...I'm very happy to say that, like my Grandma's house, Knit City 2015 was a warm, friendly place for fiber enthusiast to gather and gain inspiration. Granted it wasn't a place to go to buy crochet hooks, but it was definitely a place that you felt free to celebrate and enjoy your craft. 

I met loads of talented artisans, and in addition to the plethora of yarn, there was also a wonderful collection of accessories for both knitters and crocheters alike. Here's my Knit City 2015 finds...

A washable paper bag/project bag from UASHMAMA, the brilliant fiber arts accessory from the yarnit, a dreamy skein of of purple sock yarn from RAINCITY KNITS, buttons from STASH yarns & accessories, and a Knit City notebook and bag.

I'm already looking forward to Knit City 2016 :)