Friday, November 20, 2015

new shop item - sassy sayings gift tags by jaedyn smith.

Ever given a handmade gift only to realize that the recipient doesn't understand the amount of love and effort you poured into it? Unfortunately, it’s something all crafters experience now and then.

Make sure they know by attaching one of these sassy, crochet themed gift tags to their item! You know you’ve thought it… Each gift tag says something that you want to say out loud but wouldn't dare! So, now you can let the tag do the sassing for you. Win-win!

Choose your sass level – you can go with a demure “This took FOREVER” for the easily offended great aunt, or go all out with “This is for you – so take care of it. Like your FIRSTBORN”, for your sister (she can take it).

For our knitting have not been overlooked...Jaedyn has created the same set for you featuring a knit theme.  These can be found here.

These playful gift tags were developed and designed by our very own resident graphic designer, Jaedyn Smith. She is full of wit and charm and just the right amount of "sass" to create these one-of-a-kind gift tags. Check out more of Jaedyn's digital goods here and her paper products in her own Etsy shop here!

tara and kim.

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