Friday, November 27, 2015

yarnit - review

The first time that I had ever seen or heard of the Yarnit was at Knit City 2015, in Vancouver B.C. Intrigued by the display, I stopped to have a look and watch a quick demo. My first thought was, "interesting...yes...but do I really need to spend more money on a gadget that is just going to be housing another forgotten work in progress?"

The Yarnit

When Kate Sullivan, the inventor of the Yarnit, heard that I was a crochet designer and blogger she generously handed one over to me with the request that I write a review. I was immediately drawn to Kate, and not just because she gave me a free Yarnit, although that certainly scored her several "cool points"! What impressed me the most about Kate was her friendly, good business sense and the fact that she was willing to stand behind her product. Kate expressed her desire that I be 100% honest with my review even if it was negative. In fact, she seemed more interested in hearing any negatives as this would help her to improve the quality of her product, a product that she clearly believed in. It is that kind of humility and dedication that I respect, and love to see in a company.

Knit City 2015 - Kate Sullivan on the right

First off, what is the Yarnit? Simply put, it is a clean, lightweight, portable home for your yarn

The Yarnit features are many! The flexible base holds the Yarnit secure on any surface, and also doubles as a handy storage space for your stitch markers, yarn needles, etc.

The clear, locking dome on the Yarnit, not only keeps your yarn clean and tangle free, but it also keeps it safe from dogs, cats, and small children. A lifesaver for your luxury yarns!

If you are a crocheter or knitter on the go then not only will you love the carrying strap, but you will also love the fact that it fits perfectly in any standard cup holder.

So how did the Yarnit stand up? I LOVE it!!! Not only is it lightweight and packed with personality, but it is made of some tough stuff!  I checked out their website, and the Yarnit is made from Lexan which is a high end, quality polycarbonate used for products that require strength and long lasting durability. worries if you drop or bang your Yarnit.

In the end, I tried to come up with something negative to say about it, but the best that I could come up with was, "what about chunky yarn?" Then, when I was checking out their website, I found a little note under the "Our Yarnit" tab that said, "If you love to knit chunky or do color work ...we have a wonderful product for you coming in early winter." How exciting is that? I can't wait to see what they come up with! 

If you would like to learn more about the Yarnit, the story behind Kate Sullivan, or the shop nearest you, then I encourage you to check out their website at


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