Wednesday, June 22, 2016

6 tips for summertime crochet...

Many mistakenly think that crocheting is strictly a cool weather hobby, so Tara and I have come up with 6 tips that will help you to continue crocheting...even when the weather is heating up.


#1 Think smaller projects like coasters.

Tara's latest crochet pattern for the "Vintage Coffee Coasters" is an excellent example of a small project that is not only cool to work on, but it is also portable and quick to make.

Vintage Coffee Coasters by Tara Schreyer


#2 If you have your heart set on a larger project, how about motifs?

Motifs are a small project that pack a big punch. Since motifs are made individually they have all the same benefits of a small project, cool to work on, portable and quick to make. Once the cooler weather hits you can join them together to turn them into a queen bed cover, a table cloth, a scarf, a pillow. Your only limit is your imagination.

Bed of Flowers Baby Blanket by Tara Schreyer


#3 Choose fibers that are cooler to work with.

Summertime is the perfect time to try out some new fibers. How about cotton, linen, bamboo and hemp, all of which create breathable fabric that is cool to wear in warm weather.

Girls Cotton Tam by Kim Miller


#4 Use your downtime to unwind.

Don't let your kids "back to back" swimming lessons leave you feeling frustrated and bored. Instead, take advantage of this time to catch up on some reading and yes...crochet!

Chevron Dishcloths by Tara Schreyer


#5 Pass the time while travelling

Crocheting is a wonderful way to pass the time while travelling. Whether you are travelling by car or plane, the trick is to think about your situation. Is there going to be a lot of quiet time, or are you going to be chatting with family and friends? Knowing your situation will help you to decide what kind of project you want to work on. 

Crocheting while flying may take some extra planning. Airport security may be a problem so it is usually a good idea check with your airline to see what items you will be allowed to take on the plane. If bringing a metal hook is a problem, than how about a plastic or wood hook? If blunt scissors are going to be an issue then you may need to get creative. I read once that someone used the cutter on a dental floss container to cut their yarn.  


#6 Vacation time is crochet time!

Don't forget the pool, beach and camping. With minimal planning, you will find that all 3 are great places to bring your crochet. 

Spring Bunny by Josephine Wu

Have a wonderful summer, and may your days be filled with lots of relaxing time with crochet and hook!

kim and tara.

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