Friday, September 9, 2011

finished project.

"Through the Woods" crochet hood by Kalurah of "While They Play".

I love this pattern!!! This was a very satisfying project to work on and everything went smoothly once I clued in and came to the realization that I should be ignoring the ch 2 like it didn’t exist (the same as if I was working in sc). The hood construction is brilliant and it was fun to see how it all came together.

For this project I used 3 skeins of Berroco Vintage in "Butter Cream". This was my first time using this yarn and even though it was slightly splitty I was delighted with it. The yarn is so soft and it has a lovely drape.



  1. It looks great, those cables are fab :)

  2. Thank-you:) I love cables and I was thrilled when I found out that you could crochet cables!

  3. Beautiful! I like it in red like the one in her shop, too. And crochet cables! I'm reminded that I have an old scarf/hat/afghan booklet that is fisherman crochet -- I'll have to find it!

  4. Wow!! That is stunning! great work!

  5. Lovely! It looks really warm too.

  6. ♥Thanks everyone for your lovely comments!!♥ I personally think that this is the best crochet hood pattern that I have come across thus far!

  7. I would really like to find this pattern to make one of my own! Any suggestions?

    1. Sorry that there wasn't a direct can find the pattern here:

      Happy crocheting!!!