Saturday, September 17, 2011

crafty storage idea for your tunisian crochet hooks.

Is it wrong to buy junk food just to have the cannisters? That is exactly what I did!!

I'm not normally a Pringle eating girl but my husband brought home a cannister of them not long ago and when they were all done I thought to myself that this would make a good...mmm...something...

I didn't know at the time what it would become but then one day it hit me.  I needed something to hold my tunisian crochet hooks.  Next camping trip I purchased more Pringles with my project in mind.

I purchased my papers at Michaels for $0.20/sheet and the Pringles only cost me $1.69/sleeve.  Not only cheap but quick as well.

Gather your papers and your Pringle cannisters.  If you are like me and can't wait for someone in the house to eat the Pringles, dump them into a bowl and set them out.  I guarantee they will get eaten.  Slice your papers at 10.1875" (or ten inches and three sixteenths).  You may want to double check that measurement before slicing.  It took me one go with the polka dot paper before I got it right. 

Tape one edge to the cannister, lining it up in between the two silver rims.  Roll the paper around the cannister, tape down and you are done!!