Monday, June 13, 2011

help with the hanging storage pouch crochet pattern.

If you have the Hanging Storage Pouch crochet pattern and you have questions as to where to place some of the stitches, perhaps these figure pictures will help.  Of course, feel free to contact us directly at or ask away in the comments section and we will do all we can to help.

Above is a picture of the pouch at the beginning of Round 2.  Completed already is the ch 1 (which will count as your first sc of the round) as well as the first FPdc (front post double crochet) of the round. The FPdc is worked around the beginning ch 2 of the previous round (purple).  You will then do a sc into the top of the next dc (red) and then a FPdc around the post of the same dc (yellow).  Because the FPdc lays on top of the work, it may slightly hide the next stitch.  Just gently pull your stitch on your hook to the right a bit so it uncovers the next stitch completely.

Also worth mentioning is how to do the FPdc in Round 3 and 4. Below is a picture of how to pick up the post of the FPdc of the previous round.  Notice that the hook is under the post but it is still on the front of the work.  It isn't worked right through to the back of the fabric.  This way of doing the FPdc will only be applicable in Round 3 and 4.

The below picture shows the pouch at the beginning of Round 4. Already complete is the ch 2 (which will count as your first BPdc of the round. You will now FPdc around the post of the first sc (orange) and then a BPdc around the post of the next sc (orange). Because you are dealing with such a small area, it will be a tight squeeze around these posts. It will be much easier on the remaining rounds.

We hope that you find these figure pictures helpful.  As mentioned earlier, don't hesitate to ask questions in the comments section or if you prefer you can email us directly at
Update December 13, 2012:
If you are looking for the crochet pattern for the Hanging Storage Pouch you can find it on our blog at



  1. Thanks for providing this -- it's always good to have visuals!

  2. How do you do the "magic ring"?

    1. We have a tutorial on the magic ring/adjustable ring here: Once you know this little trick, you will never go back!