Monday, December 9, 2013

simple tip when adding a crochet border.

The procrastinating, perfectionist in me dreads the first round of a border on any project, but I especially don't like it for a large project like an afghan or a throw! I like to know exactly where each stitch should be placed, but when you are working along the side of a throw there are no stitches to work in. Usually, the pattern simply says something like this, "work 150 dc evenly down the side". Ugggg....I hate that part!!!

So, a simple trick that I started doing is to section the side off into quarters, and mark with a stitch marker, or like item. That way if I am working 150 stitches, then I know that when I reach the quarter mark I should be at about 37 stitches, and at the half way point I should be at 75 stitches.

So much easier then reaching the end of the side row and trying to either stretch out or cram the last few stitches in. It's a simple tip, but it is amazing how much more enjoyable it makes working along the edge.


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